Vacant Home Insurance

Just because a home is unoccupied, doesn’t mean you don’t need to insure it. If a home that you own is not currently occupied, it may not be covered by your homeowners or landlord insurance policy. In this case, it’s important to protect your property with a vacant home insurance policy.

You may need vacant property insurance if:

  • your property is going to be vacant for an extended period of time, such as between tenants or during the selling process.
  • you’ve recently inherited property from a deceased relative or through other means.
  • you’ve purchased a home that you’re not yet ready to move into.

What does vacant home insurance cover?

Your vacant home insurance policy may cover:

  • Vandalism and trespassing
  • Injury on the property
  • Damages caused by frozen or broken pipes, plumbing, electrical, heating, etc.
  • Damage from fire, explosion, lightning, storms, or other disasters

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