Snowmobile Insurance

Snowfall is a fact of life for those who live in Connecticut. Some just find it to be a hassle, but others embrace it — and for those people, winter means it’s time to get outside and hit the trails.

Do I need snowmobile insurance in Connecticut?

While the state of Connecticut does not require snowmobile in most cases, owners have invested in an expensive and sometimes even dangerous machine. If you would insure your car or other off-road vehicle, it’s wise to insure your snowmobile as well. This can protect you from damages, financial loss, and cover you in the event of injury.

What does snowmobile insurance cover?

Snowmobiles register as an off road vehicle, and ultimately have similar insurance coverage to automobiles. This may include personal injury, damage to your machine, and liability in case you are responsible for another person’s injury or damage to their property. However, plans can also cover:

  • Collision
  • Uninsured drivers
  • After-market parts and accessories
  • Transport and trailer
  • Accessory coverage for things such as helmets, eyewear, windshields, and custom gear
  • Year-round coverage, in case your snowmobile is damaged or stolen in the off-season

If riding your snowmobile through fresh snowfall is a beloved pastime for you, contact the agents at State Wide Insurance today and we’ll help you build the perfect coverage plan.