High Value Home Insurance

High value or luxury home insurance offers more comprehensive coverage for those whose properties or assets are worth higher-than-average value. When deciding on the right kind of policy, keep in mind how expensive your property would be to replace or repair. Your home coverage should reflect your lifestyle and the value of your property.

What does high-value home insurance cover?

Compared to a standard homeowners insurance plan, luxury home insurance includes larger policy limits for:

  • Reconstruction, structure repair, and replacement costs
  • Living expenses while waiting for restoration, often up to the same standard as your luxury home
  • High-value collections (antiques, jewelry, wine, etc.)
  • Items that are primarily for business use
  • Partial loss replacement consistent with current designs/features
  • Higher liability coverage for attractive nuisances, such as swimming pools or play equipment
  • Ornamental or functional landscaping designs

Do I need higher coverage?

Not every home, condo, or rental qualifies for high value home insurance. There are many factors that raise the value of your home, including the possessions you keep in it. At State Wide, we can help you determine what coverage is right for you. But you may want to look into this coverage if:

  • Your home is worth more than $750,000.
  • Your home has unique design elements; for example, it was designed by an architect or an interior designer. This includes historic construction features.
  • Your home contains luxury or highly-priced decoration, appliances, or fixtures.
  • You keep priceless or expensive items in your home, such as: collections, art, rugs, jewelry, or antiques.
  • The features on your property are unique, such as luxurious outdoor living areas, guest houses, swimming pool areas, or special landscaping.