Homeowners Insurance

Home insurance has two important jobs. First and foremost, it protects your investment in your home. But perhaps most importantly, it gives you peace of mind. You’ll know that you have the resources to restore your quality of life in the event of a loss or damage.

With a State Wide Insurance agent by your side, you and your family will have nothing to worry about when it comes to your home.

What does home insurance cover?

Your Property

Homeowners insurance protects your home in the event of damage or destruction. This includes:

  • Your home’s main structure
  • Attached structures such as garages and porches
  • Other structures on your property such as a shed or pool house
  • Your belongings, whether they’re in your house or anywhere else
  • Loss of use, or reimbursement for additional living expenses after a loss

Personal Liability

Another important aspect of homeowners insurance is personal liability. That means you’ll also be covered if you or your family members (even your pets) are legally responsible for damage to someone else’s property.

Policies may also provide no-fault medical coverage in case someone is injured in your home or on your property.

What isn’t covered?

Believe it or not, your homeowners insurance policy does not protect your home from flooding. State Wide offers flood insurance separately, which can be crucial whether or not you live on the coast. To make sure that your most valuable assets are protected, contact one of our agents to begin setting up comprehensive coverage.