Antique & Classic Car Insurance

There’s nothing quite like your classic car!

The community of vintage, collector, and classic car enthusiasts is strong in Connecticut. Whether you’re finally ready to buy the classic car you’ve dreamed of your entire life, or you already have a few well-loved vehicles in the garage, State Wide Insurance has you covered.

We provide personalized collector & classic car insurance to protect your prized possession, depending on your unique needs.

Types of Classic Car Coverage:

Full Coverage

State Wide Insurance provides full coverage for you and your collector or classic car, much like your standard auto policy. This includes:

  • Full Bodily Injury Liability Protection (in case you’re at fault for injury in the event of an accident)
  • Property Damage Liability (in case you’re at fault for damage to someone’s vehicle or other property in the event of an accident)
  • Physical Damage (to cover any damage to your own classic vehicle)

Lower Insurance Premiums

At State Wide, our goal is to find you the best deal based on your needs. With classic car insurance, you can pay up to five times less than you would for a standard auto insurance policy. We’ll make sure you save as much as possible with as much coverage as you need!

Agreed Amount Valuation

If your classic car were to be totaled, it might feel like the end of a dream. But at State Wide, we’ll assess your car’s insured value beforehand and you’ll receive a check for the full amount in the event that the worst happens. Your car will not depreciate in value over time. Easy as that.

Special Discounts

Your classic or collectible car insurance policy may have many of the same discounts you receive on your regular auto policy, and then some. Work with State Wide to find the best deals under the best coverage.

Flexible Use

Don’t be afraid to take your car for a spin or get involved in a car show. You’ll be covered for pleasure use with only limited restrictions.

Specialized Claims Handling

Our coverage may include specialized claims handling. You can also choose a repair shop you trust. At State Wide, we want what’s best for you and the classic car you love so much.