Workers Compensation Insurance

No matter how safely you run your business, there is always the risk of an accident or illness. Workers compensation insurance provides benefits to your employees in the event of work-related illness or injury. Under Connecticut law, businesses with one or more part- or full-time employees is required to carry this insurance.

What does workers compensation cover?

These benefits can help cover employees’ medical care and lost wages during recovery time, as well as provide disability benefits. You want to be sure your employees are supported during every step of their recovery. Even if employees can’t return to work at all after an injury, workers compensation can provide long-term disability benefits.

Some examples of situations covered by workers compensation include your employee:

  • Developing carpal tunnel syndrome from typing
  • Being injured in a car accident while on the way to see a client
  • Slipping on ice and breaking an arm while walking into the office

For the business owner, it provides coverage in the event that your employee or their family sues your business. It can also cover training employees for new roles if it turns out they can’t return to their previous duties.

How much does workers compensation cost?

Every small business is unique, from its industry to its number of employees. So naturally, the cost of covering employees with workers compensation will vary. A small office space with a few employees will have different costs than a warehouse with machinery or a restaurant with a kitchen.

At State Wide, we can analyze the risks of your business operations with you to find you the most comprehensive plan to protect your employees’ wellbeing at the best price available. We also offer other coverages for your business such as general liability, commercial auto, and more. Contact us or request a quote today to ensure your business is protected!