General Liability Insurance

Commercial general liability insurance is a must for small business owners, and can also benefit contractors. If you don’t have a physical business location, you may only need general liability coverage for your business — but more comprehensive business owner insurance plans can offer complete protection.

What does general liability cover for my business?

General liability insurance protects your business and its employees from claims that happen as a result of normal business operations. This may include:

  • Customer injury or loss
  • Property damage
  • Defense/attorney costs
  • Personal or advertising injury, such as slander, libel, or copyright infringement
  • Product-related claims

It’s possible you may only need general liability coverage for your business. But if your business has a physical location, you should also look into property coverage.

What isn’t covered under general liability?

General liability insurance isn’t one size fits all — plans range from basic to highly customized, and costs can vary. However, in most cases, the following are not covered under general liability plans:

  • Commercial property, your business’ physical location
  • Employee injury
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Professional negligence, which is covered under a separate professional liability plan
  • Intentionally-caused damages

Some industries are more prone to risks than others — a building contractor will undoubtedly need more coverage than a designer. It’s important to assess your risk carefully to ensure you have adequate coverage and won’t be left paying for expenses out of pocket.

At State Wide, our independent insurance agents will tailor-make a general liability plan for your business to put your mind at ease.