Commercial Insurance

Types of Commercial Insurance:

  • Commercial Auto — Do you use vehicles in your business operations such as a delivery car, box truck, or contractor vehicle? These vehicles are not covered under business owner or general liability policies, so you’ll need separate commercial auto coverage to protect your business and your drivers.
  • General Liability Insurance — General liability is an integral coverage for any business. It protects you and your employees from liability in the event of property damage, customer injury or loss, and more.
  • Business Owner Insurance — Every business, large and small, needs to be properly insured. This is especially true for small businesses. Protect the wellbeing of your profits, your business, and your employees with comprehensive business owner insurance.
  • Contractor Insurance — If you work as a contractor, you need to take extra steps to insure your livelihood and your well-being. If you work in a trade such as contractor construction, repair, HVAC, landscaping, and more, make sure you’re properly covered.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance — If you have one or more employees, you’ll need to invest in workers compensation insurance. This covers you and protects your employee’s well-being if they suffer injury or illness on the job.
  • Builder’s Risk Insurance — Builder’s risk insurance is a unique type of property insurance which covers buildings, or parts of buildings, that are under construction. Find out if you need builder’s risk insurance on a renovation or new construction.
  • Professional Liability Insurance — Professional liability insurance benefits professionals in certain fields, such as physicians, lawyers, or accountants. This coverage protects them against negligence and other claims initiated by their clients.
  • Restaurant Insurance — Restaurant insurance covers any type of food service establishment, such as fine dining, bars, cafes, and more. Get coverage for normal business operations and restaurant-specific concerns like inventory loss and liquor liability.